Seven Hills gin is distilled in Moncalieri, near Turin, a famous area for the production of Italian wines and vermouths, in the historic distillery of Torino Distillati. Our materials and botanicals are sourced from different regions in Italy representing the full character of our uniquely biodiverse territory.


The art of distillation is part of the Italian heritage: Italian distilleries crafted unique products over the years that became essentials for classic and modern mixology, such as gin.  In 1920 there were over 2000 distilleries, 70 alone around the city of Turin. Today, we count 700 small and big Italian Gin labels, but only a few are available outside of Italy. Italian Juniper is considered the best in the world and we can find the best variety in Tuscany, in the Alps and on the Appennini mountains.

A modern yet traditional process

Vacuum pot distillation is a gentle and innovative method that maintains the smooth and rich flavours of the botanicals. The lower temperature and vacuum are key for a finer, smoother and yet rich distillate:

• The botanicals chosen by the Master Herbalist infuse for 10-15 days in a hydro-alcoholic solution (50% ABV).
• After 15 days the botanicals are separated from the solution and gently pressed to extract as much flavour as possible.
• The vacuum distillation process creates the unique soft and smooth taste of Seven Hills Italian Dry Gin.

Seven Hills Italian Dry Gin is an aromatic Juniper Spirit with a delicate and citrusy flavour on the nose. On the palate, sweet pomegranate and blood orange with hints of roman camomile are perfectly balanced by fresh celery and artichoke aromas.